The Second Beta Test for Racing Master Begins on October 12th

NetEase Games and Codemasters are proud to announce that the second beta test for Racing Master is set to begin on October 12, 2021. Racing Master is the upcoming racing simulation game that will let players compete against each other in hyper-realistic races, where nerves of steel and swift reactions are the key to victory. Codemasters has an incredible pedigree when it comes to racing games, including DIRT, GRID, and the official F1® series. Working together, the two companies are developing the ultimate racing experience for smart devices.

The Second Beta Test Is Coming to North America in October


The first beta test for Racing Master launched in April and it was a smash hit, with over 25,000 players from North America checking out the game and providing invaluable feedback to the developers. Those who missed out on the first beta will have another chance to dive into Racing Master, as the second beta test will begin on October 12, 2021. Players will have around ten days to try out the game and test the new features. The second beta will be exclusive to Canada and the United States of America, and will be available on Google Play and iOS (TestFlight). 

Racing Master Is Bringing Authentic Racing to Mobile Devices


Racing Master is an upcoming real-time sim racing game, with a focus on providing the most realistic racing experience possible. This ranges from handling and performance, to the life-like noises the engines make as the cars race around the track. Racing Master aims to be the ultimate racing simulator, giving players an authentic feeling that is possible thanks to Codemaster’s EGO tech and Unreal Engine 4. Once Racing Master is officially released, it will offer players a choice from over 100 vehicles produced by major car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Koenigsegg, etc., all of which are officially licensed. These vehicles are fully customizable, with players able to enhance their performance and change their aesthetics, filling their races ahead with more enjoyments.

The competition in Racing Master consists of live players from around the world, all competing to be the best. The races will take place on tracks that are designed to reflect major cities, all of which are realized with beautiful graphics that help further immerse the player in the experience. 

Brand New Contest Is Arriving in The Second Beta


The second beta for Racing Master will introduce a number of new features that have been added to the game. 

  • 18 New Cars – Racing Master is all about the vehicles, and the second beta doesn’t disappoint, with 18 new cars added to the game, including officially licenced vehicles from Ferrari, Koenigsegg, and McLaren.
  • 3 New Tracks – The second beta is adding Yas Marina, Sicily and Barcelona as new race tracks for players to experience.
  • Team Race Mode – Players can team up with their friends to take part in 4V4 races in the Quick Race mode.
  • Team Elimination Mode – This mode is like a tournament, where the winners from each round will progress to the next. 
  • Livestream Mechanics – It’s now possible to spectate high-tier ranked matches, so players can watch the best of the best competing against each other. 
  • New Systems – The second beta is adding Character Creation, a Mission System, Achievements, and more. Also, more new cars and tracks will be featured in the official release of Racing Master.

Racing Master Will Arrive In 2022


Racing Master is a work in progress and those who take part in the second beta have the chance to shape the final version of the game. The developers are looking for as much feedback and as many suggestions as possible, so that Racing Master can become the best it can be. The clock is ticking, as the developers are aiming for Racing Master to launch next year.

“The game is planned to be launched officially in 2022,” Bo Zhang, the Producer of Racing Masterat NetEase Games, commented, “Now we are planning more interesting content and new modes to make Racing Master unique and realistic. I hope that every player can experience the adrenaline rush they get from real-life racing, just like me.”

The second beta for Racing Master will be available to download on Google Play and iOS TestFlight on October 12, 2021.To learn more about Racing Master, visit: 

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